Only 6 Weeks Away

So I’m a mere 6 weeks away from the opening of my play at this year’s Summer Play Festival here in New York. And it’s all pretty exciting. We’re mostly cast and well into design meetings so the play has started to take some actual physical shape, and text-wise I’m following up the work I did at New Harmony with some (I think) really good stuff.


And I’m so excited about my design team that I’m going to list them right now:


Scenic: Caleb Levengood

Costumes: Emily DeAngelis

Lighting: Jeff Fightmaster

Sound: Mark “Muttt” Huang


I’m even more excited because the first 3 names there are all folks I went to UCSD with, and the 4th guy is a good friend I’ve made since coming to New York.


I’ll announce the cast once we’re finished with casting.


In the meantime , details about the production are below. Tickets are onsale NOW and they’re a steal at only $10 so get yours while they’re still available.


by Tim J. Lord
directed by Niegel Smith


securedownloadJuly 28-August 2    
Tuesday-Saturday 7:30pm  
Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday at 3pm  

Eight hundred civilians are taken hostage during the performance of a hit Moscow musical. In the aftermath, the playwright is plagued by the story of his captor—a young woman willing to die for her cause—in an intense drama where one person’s patriotism is another’s act of terrorism.    

WWW.SPFNYC.COM or 212-967-7555

SPF 2009 is hosted at The Public Theater 
425 Lafayette Street


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