The hottest day of the year… August 23, 2014

Nicole & Tim got married at Cedar Creek Resort, just outside Columbia, Missouri. It was super hot and sweaty. And an awful lot of fun. Thanks to every single one of you who made the journey and celebrated the start of our amazing adventure with us.

(To check out the fun before before the fun, you can go here for rehearsal dinner photos.)

Photos by Sofi Seck, Marta Rainer, and Jessie Lord


Internet “Famous”

Sometimes I ride my bike to work. My work is near the Daily Show’s Studio, and today I saw this:


It’s definitely part of Jon Stewart’s Daily Show set and this part is definitely NOT going to the Newseum in D.C. My sleuthing says it’s the piece to the right of Jon’s desk, over where the correspondents would do their green screen bits, as seen in this photo:


Anyhow, I ‘grammed it and Facebooked it (typical for me). I also hashtagged it #DailyShow (atypical for me). And next thing I know I’m getting emails from Gothamist and follow requests from the Daily News. (And my WordPress viewing stats are WAY up today).

And then Gothamist published it, so now, I guess you can say I’m a published news photographer.

Not a bad way to start off a week, I guess.

(Next goal: To be a PAID news photographer. Le sigh….)